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"...River Savage proves she’s an author that’s here to stay. She’s got grit, and she’s given us a thrill ride that not only provides enough romance, banter and hot love scenes to keep the reader intrigued, but she also throws one hell of a spin into the story that will leave you heartbroken...."  - Incandescent

Cassia Brightmore, Deliciously Wicked Books, 08/10/2014

"...This book has everything I could ever want in an engrossing read. It was hot, sensual, dark, dirty and with just the right amount of angst and tension to keep my attention throughout. This is a brilliant debut and a fantastic start to a thrilling new series. I..."   - Incandescent

Foxylutely Book Reviews, "Mandie", 06/14/2014

"...Biker books are a dime a dozen in the book world today. I have had the chance to read some amazing ones, Incandescent is no exception. This was a great, fresh take on the badass biker world. River Savage has knocked my socks and my panties off with this debut book...."   - Incandescent

Erin , Give Me Books , 08/11/2014

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